Why Choose Us
Ecological Wilderness Adventures is a Tanzania Safari company that provides travel services which are personally designed and professionally guided by Tanzania’s finest and highly trained professional safari guides who provide you with interpretive safari to enlighten your wilderness experience. We are safari outfitters specializing in excellent custom safaris in Tanzania. If you are looking for a safari in Tanzania, you have come to the right place and the right safari company. With an enduring passion for our country, we love what we do and we take pride in providing a unique and intimate experience of Tanzania’s spectacular wildlife and cultural heritage. We focus on the destinations that give the best in wildlife encounters. Our mission is to work with each client or group in an individual way to fulfill life long dreams.
Great Value
We are your preferred Tanzania safari operator, your guide and your camp staff. When you buy direct from us, the prices that you see listed for our safaris clearly describe what you can expect to receive, the best service you would expect from a top safari company like us.
You may find other tour companies or safari outfits that offer cheaper safaris but remember cheap is expensive. However, if you give us a chance to compare our safari rates to the cheaper one, we can easily identify what the differences are and show you that we deliver superior value for your money and a better safari. Because you are dealing with us as owner and operator, we are able to provide you with a great safari at a reasonable price.
Experiences & Expertises
Designing a safari can be a bit like completing a jigsaw puzzle! And that’s why you’ll find that our more than 14 years of experience in guiding safaris will be valuable to you. We know the “ins and outs” – the detailed logistics – that can make all the difference in the success of your trip. Tanzania abounds in wildlife but it is also a land of stunning landscapes, fascinating people and boundless adventure – we can show it to you
Dedication To Quality
Our safaris draw on the resources of highly respected professional guides, incorporate the leading safari camps and lodges, and offer unique adventure and safari activities.